Constituent Success Stories

Constituent Success Stories

I was living in an apartment complex and for the past two years there was raw sewage underneath the apartment complex…I reached out to everybody I could think of until the office of Ben Ray Luján…stepped in and help me. I was able to get a safe and clean apartment that I am now happily [live in] and am able to breathe.

- Georgia, Santa Fe

As I became a widow 2 years ago and raising two grandbabies…it was getting hard for me financially. I was disabled and couldn’t work after almost 2 years appealing my benefits. I contacted Eric Chavez with Senator Ben Ray’s office, Eric did some calls, and I’m glad to say after 28 months, I finally got approved. Thank you with all my heart for your help.

- Bernice, Santa Fe

After the new year, I applied for survivor benefits so that I can raise my children the best way I can. I work as a lifeguard and have continued to go to college on top of being a single mom of three young girls…On February 14, 2021, Social Security Administration sent out a letter saying further payments would be suspended… I recently received news from the office of Sen. Ben Ray Luján’s office informing me that all was reinstated and I will be able to continue to both work and collect social security for our children. You and your team have been godsend. Thank you for everything!

- Desiree, Santa Cruz

I have had several problems after applying for Social Security Disability. After two years of waiting, and being told my case was being set for a hearing, Stephen Salas with Ben Ray Lujan’s office has been the one that has helped me get things done. I thank Stephen Salas and your Office for getting me through all the hurdles and taking the time to help me.

- Lea Ann, Raton

At the end of September, I had applied for a Global Entry card…Then I was told that it would take up to 13 months to get my Global Entry card for expedited entrance back into the U.S. I wrote to Senator Lujan’s office asking for help in speeding up the process. They walked me through what needed to be done and were very instrumental in helping get my Global Entry card within 7 weeks, instead of 13 months. I am truly grateful for Senator Lujan’s office for their help. They are an awesome group of people.

- Karleen, Algodones

I love New Mexico. Less than 2 months & Senator Lujan resolved the issue. Got my tax refund after nearly a year. Constance Williams is probably greatest employee of any elected official in Washington, D.C.

- Richard, Albuquerque

My 92-year-old parents were not able to receive their 2nd 2020 or first 2021 stimulus payments due to an error the IRS made with recording their 2019 income taxes…Eliza Sultan from Senator Ben Ray Lujan’s Santa Fe office was extremely helpful and supportive and was able to ensure that my parents’ 2021 stimulus payments were released and hopefully get us on the road to fixing the tax return issue. She could not have been more helpful or more pleasant and it’s so reassuring to know that Senator Lujan is actually interested and makes his office available to assist his constituents.

- Margaret, Santa Fe

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