Luján Delivers Keynote Address at International Stroke Conference

Dallas, TX – Today, U.S. Senator Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.) delivered the keynote address at the International Stroke Conference in Dallas, Texas – an annual conference dedicated to the science and treatment of cerebrovascular disease and brain health. Since recovering from a stroke, Luján has used his platform to raise awareness about the warning signs of strokes and the importance of seeking medical care.

ICYMI – Luján Highlights Stroke Awareness:

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Last May, Luján introduced and unanimously passed a resolution to recognize May as Stroke Awareness Month. The resolution encourages continued coordination and cooperation between the federal government, researchers, families, and the public to improve prognoses by increasing access to timely treatments for individuals who suffer strokes.

WATCH: Luján Delivers Keynote Address at International Stroke Conference

An excerpt of Senator Luján’s speech is below:

One of the reasons I have been willing to speak about this [stroke recovery] is that I was encouraged by so many to share this story.

What it was like going through this, especially in a public way.

Because so many are discouraged from coming forward.

Because they believe they will be treated differently.

That’s why this public education matters. We have to change this.

One of the priorities that we are working on is to ensure that in more rural parts of America, that you are able to get post-stroke rehabilitation.

It doesn’t matter where you live, what your area code is, how much money you make if you need help because you feel a stroke coming on.

The only way that those of us that are feeling this will be able to stand in front of others to speak is if you have the tools you need, if your research is funded, if we can change the stigma, if we can provide more support for rehabilitation every step of the way.

So, while I’m here because of the stroke that I survived, I’m grateful for every one of you that I have learned from, and will continue to learn from. 



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