Luján Celebrates Veteran Awards Recovered, Holds Meetings With Torrance County, Estancia Local Leaders

Albuquerque, N.M. – Today, U.S. Senator Ben Ray Luján (D-N.M.) visited the widow of WWII Veteran Josephat Radosevich, Griselda Radosevich. Senator Luján helped Radosevich’s family obtain their father’s WWII awards and medals they have been seeking since February 2023. Thanks to the Senator and staff, Radosevich’s family can not only display Josephat’s achievements, but also tell the story of his service.  

Following that, Senator Luján met with local leaders from Torrance County to discuss Congressionally Directed Spending projects, federal funding priorities, and expected challenges the County may face in the near future. During their meeting, Senator Luján met with Torrance County Manager Janice Barela, Torrance County Commissioner Samuel Schropp, and Torrance County Deputy Manager Tracy Sedillo.

Then, Senator Luján met with Mayor Nathan Dial, Town of Estancia Clerk/Treasure Michelle Jones, Town of Estancia Deputy Clerk Roy Hubbard, and Town Trustees Amy May and Patrick Sanchez in the community of Estancia, which received funding for their flood mitigation project, secured by Senator Luján, to divert potential flood waters and protect drinking water within the Estancia Valley Water Basin.

“Today, I was honored to meet with the widow of WWII Veteran Josephat Radosevich, Griselda Radosevich to celebrate her birthday and her husband’s brave service to our country. I was proud to help their family recover Radosevich’s awards and recognition ensuring the memory of his service will live on for generations,” said Senator Luján.

“It was also an honor to travel to Torrance County and Estancia to meet with local leaders to make clear rural communities are never out of reach,” Luján continued. “It was a privilege to discuss the federal funding I secured for this community to protect themselves from flooding and renovate local wastewater infrastructure. These investments are vital – and the federal government must continue to do more to invest in our rural communities. That’s why I encouraged these leaders to reach out for help with any problems – big or small.”


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